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Midcoast Region USBC

Honor Scores

  • Wayne Napples, 847 Series
  • Stephen Babb, 831 Series
  • Adam Fraser, 811 Series
  • Adam Fraser, 803 Series
  • Josh Bernier, 800 Series

  • Chris Tebben, 300 Game
  • Josh Bernier, 300 Game
  • Wayne Napples, 300 Game (2)
  • Adam Fraser, 300 Game (2)
  • Nick Pulsifer, 300 Game
  • Jeremy Reil, 300 Game
  • Justin Reil, 300 Game
  • Matthew Small, 300 Game
  • Joe Colcord, 300 Game
Honor Scores History

Board Members

  • Adam Fraser, President
  • Donnie Pelletier, Vice President
  • Mark Fortier, Manager
  • Gary Carr, Sergeant at Arms
  • Directors:
  •     Emily Brigham
        Phyllis McNelly
        Jason Pulsifer
        Bill Thurlow
        Nelson Moody
        Peter Grant
        Sherry Shea
        Val Strozier
        Barbara Thompson
        Mallory Nutting
        Sandy Lachance
        Jon Rolfe
        James Ward

News and Notes

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Bowlers of the Month (2016-17 Season)

Adam Fraser, Mallory Nutting, Ray Deguio, Amanda Johnson

Wayne Napples, Eleanor French, Gary Parson, Madison Yeaton

Josh Bernier, Karen Libby, Bill Thurlow, Toni McKeown

Troy Trombley, Gie Soule, Mike Potvin, Bonnie Pardue

Tom Durrell, Jamye Longley, Rob Card, Rita Fisette

Jon Rolfe, Lisa Freese, Ron Moody, Gail Federico

Cory Lagner, Dale Pickard, Jason Clemons, Kathi Dubar

End of Season

Congratulations to our year end award winners:

High Average Male, Wayne Napples
High Average Female, Mallory Nutting
Most Improved Male, Ronald Parker
Most Improved Female, Madison Yeaton

City Tournament Champions:

Wayne Napples
Derek True
Mallory Nutting
Jenna Clement

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